iPad Magazines

With over 315 million iPad, iPhone & iPods in the world today, the time is NOW to get your publication out to a wider audience.

We can transform your traditional print media including magazines, PDFs, brochures and other print-collateral into a true interactive digital experience for your customers.

At Get Focused we have the right Digital Publishing solutions to suit your needs.

 iPad Magazines

Edition based Apps for Apple Newsstand and Google Play

We transform your printed publication directly into digital media for sale online.

You can also . .
generate additional revenue for your business by sharing your publications with a wider audience in Apple Newstand & Google Play.

We manage the branding of your Magazine App and your submissions to Apple and Google for you.

Basic iMagazine

Digital replica of your printed or online pdfs to iPad, iPhone and Android apps.
High Definition for iPad 3
iPhone, iPad 3 (retina display), Android optimised

One off set-up: $6000
Annual DPS Pro subscription: $7,000
Per Issue ingestion: $1500 (plain pdf) or $3000 for Interactive advertising options
Downloads: 0.22c (after 2500)

Professional iMagazine

Designed for medium publications with the view to empower existing staff and produce your own interactive magazine apps within 2 months.
We help you uncover new advertising opportunities for your magazine through interactive videos where customers can click through to websites online.

We take your existing magazine products and set in place maintainable workflows to add interactivity and multimedia elements.

First three issues Art Directed and produced with the view to turn existing staff into multimedia designers.

Staff training will include Adobe Creative Suite 6 – including Indesign, Edge, After Effects and DPS Production.

On going tech support to help with production.

DPS Enterprise gives the ability to plug in subscription models therefore bypassing OEM margins.


Setup – Art direct, add multimedia for 3 issues, train staff in InDesign digital publishing, video editing, HTML5: $50,000
Annual DPS Pro subscription: $7,000
Annual DPS Enterprise subscription: $30,000
Monthly tech support: $2,500
Downloads: 0.22c (after 2500) or Enterprise 0.10c (after 2500)
POA … This option can be tailored to fit.

Standalone App with interactive brochure/magazine

Unlimited possibilities to showcase businesses and products using the power of:-

Promotional videos,
360 product shots
Click through to buy online,
Store locators using Google Maps.

Complete solution .. evaluate requirements, shoot video/products, design and build application, and submission process.

All products are:
Available for purchase to Apple iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
iPad Retina Display optimised – amazing hi-res quality.
Buy through any desktop browser (coming soon).

Why choose Get Focused?

Our team has over 15 years experience in the traditional newspaper & magazine industry and over 2 years of digital publishing expertise working with companies in the U.K. and Australia in helping them take their printed publications online. Combined with our Online Marketing experts we are also able to share your new iMagazine with the world.

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