Is there a minimum contract?

We have a recommended minimum time on all packages of 3 months. We can achieve results fast, if you leave after just one or two months you may not get the full benefit of the work we put in. To grow and maintain ranking SEO should be considered a long term activity and this is when best results happen.

How long will it take to see results?

If you have done no SEO work and your keyword phrase is not overly competitive it can be within days. If you have a very competitive market (for example ‘cats’) it can take much longer. For the fastest ranking we recommend you choose our Gold or Platinum packages.

Who makes the content?

All articles, PDF’s, press releases and videos are made by our own team of experts. Images and photographs used in your campaign content is sourced either from our own original photography library or purchased for your project. If we require specialist content or logo’s your project manager will ask you for these.

Are there any keywords that you cannot rank?

We cannot rank you for any keyword phrases already taken by another customer. It would unfair to rank 2 clients for the same keyword phrase since only 1 can be the winner. Also there will be some keyword phrases so competitive we just cannot guarantee increased rankings.If that is the case we will advise you. We never accept phrases including the word “SEO”

How many links can I expect?

We cannot estimate the number of links. Companies that sell packages based on a number of backlinks may get tempted to produce low quality links using spammy tools. What sets our packages apart is we focus only on quality links. We hand prepare the resources and this original content ‘sticks’ in the search engines for longer.

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